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Automatic garage doors offer a lot of advantages over manual garage doors. Unless you have some very particular reason to choose the manual option, you are almost certainly better off with automatic doors. The only real difficulty with an automatic garage door is the installation. But installation only needs to happen once, and you can mostly leave it to the professionals.

Whether you are starting from scratch, or converting a manual door into an automatic garage door, installation will take very little of your time and money. Naturally, if you decide to go it alone and install garage doors by yourself, things will take a little more time. For most people, I wouldn't advise trying to install automatic garage doors by yourself. It is possible, but what is a quick job for the experts will take amateurs many days of work. The sheer size of the garage door makes the installation tricky, and you could easily end up spraining your muscles as you try to manhandle an automatic garage door into place.

Automatic garage doors do require slightly more maintenance than manual garage doors, but this need not be much of a burden, and a good automatic garage door is a sturdy beast, on the whole. The appropriate techniques will vary between different doors, so be sure to ask about maintenance when your automatic garage door is being installed.

Automatic garage doors should be resistant to most weather damage, and to water damage, but in some cases non-water chemicals within rain will cause a little corrosion to metal doors. This problem can be avoided by very occasionally wiping down your automatic garage door. Use water with a little soap in it to achieve the best effects.

Different treatment will be required for automatic garage doors made of wood. The ideal method will depend on whether your doors are wood or wood-effect, and what type of wood they are.

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It is advisable to check the manufacturer's instructions when you buy the doors. It is quite important to keep your automatic garage doors well-lubricated. This will increase their working life, and it will also make the doors operate more quickly and with less noise. Good maintenance of your automatic doors is crucial to keeping them operating safely. Springs and balancing are particularly important in this.

Get more out of your garage.

A door which is poorly balanced may fail to stop and reverse on contact with an object, which means it could injure somebody who fell in its path. Remote control is one of the biggest selling points for automatic garage doors. The ability to come home and open your garage without even getting out of your car makes the commute home just that little bit more pleasant.

It's certainly something you'll appreciate when the weather is foul, and you don't want to step out into the rain to wrestle with a cold door. Remember that if you want to keep one remote control for your garage door permanently in your car, you will need another for operation at other times. Having a second remote control will make life much easier around the house, and can be a blessing if you lose the other control. It is also common to have a push-button control for the garage door as well, often on the inside of the garage. One way or another, somebody inside your garage should always be able to open your garage door.

The sturdy chain driver runs within a 3-piece steel railing and is therefore well protected. That is also true for people and items, as we equipped the garage door opener with an obstacle detector. Another one of the convincing features is the economical stand-by mode, which only needs 0. Furthermore, your family budget is spared by the energy efficient long-life LED light, with an operational life of The light always lights up when the garage door opener is activated - and goes out 2.

Included are, next to the c-rail and mounting material, also two remote controls with the newest encoding technology. Preassembled elements make the whole drive line easy to install. As we are using only quality materials, we provide a 3 year motor warranty on the garage door opener Basic MLEV. In our help section you will find answers to frequently asked questions as well as instructions for installing and commissioning your garage door opener.

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