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I think it would be sick if the city of Del Mar demolished this and built something good like Vans did at their Huntington Beach park even though I thought that Clover in HB was good. Using a 2-second shutter and popping the flash manually by holding the radio slave in my hand was how I made this image of Bucky. It had to be low because the trick to making these look good is to have as much of the action in the night sky as possible.

Any of you that have been to the Alga Norte park at night during the winter know how much colder it is than anywhere else in North San Diego county. This bowl is also one of those that unless you skate it often is not easy to ride but it looks fucking great in photos—especially at night. For this shot I put my camera on a tripod with my 15mm lens, set the ISO at and the shutter speed at one second.

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I like the starring effect on the lights at those higher f-stops and the overall crispness of the shot. Slow shutter speed and purposeful movement of the camera during the exposure create the streaking lights effect which can be very hit and miss. Omar did this several times for me, I wanted to get the best image without light streaks going through his face or somehow ruining the action.

This is my favorite as I think the lights enhance the movement and the ghosts in the background are pretty damn cool.

The Silent Sentinels

I set up the shot with one flash directly behind Ace to give it a rim lighting effect and my other flash was off to the side facing the action. For the rest of the 2-second exposure I slowly zoomed out with my mm lens as Ace grinded toward me. Somehow, I got the image I wanted in just a few tries and really did the effect. The latest craze in flash photography, at least in skateboarding, is utilizing a shutter speed that is faster than your camera can normally sync at.

Please look up flash sync and high-speed flash sync to learn a little more about this trick.

After Dark Thursday Nights: Evening Hours for Adults | Exploratorium

I was at this session in the Pasadena area, mainly to skate, but I had my photo equipment just in case some cool shit went down, which it did. But the ability to freeze the action at a higher speed gives a whole other look for nighttime skate photography. I had the hardest time with this, the last shot for this article. Blues Minor 2. Bakai 3. Afro Blue 4. After the Rain 5.

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Africa 6. With his Tompkins Square label debut After The Rain: A Night for Coltrane, Avery has found his way back home, reasserting himself as a supremely eloquent exponent of the post-Trane jazz continuum. I was on record dates, but not my own albums. This was the perfect opportunity to make my own statement.

Ratliff, who also wrote the liner notes for After The Rain. I always love his feel. Opening unaccompanied, Avery hints at the sing-song theme with a series of smeary ascending figures. Shulman, a sought after arranger and first-call Bay Area accompanist, takes a particularly graceful, soul-steeped solo. It relates to my mom, with an Ethiopian rhythmic feel. I felt like it was time. Like Coltrane, Avery trades his tenor sax for a soprano and also lays out quickly after stating the theme.

Quietly majestic, it practically begs for another ballad or two, but Avery gets back to burning. Wynton Marsalis recognized his oversized talent and purchased him a saxophone. Berklee College of Music made a similar judgment, giving him a full scholarship. His debut album In Other Words focused on his original compositions, and earned widespread critical praise.

Sought out by stars like Aretha Franklin, Betty Carter and Ramsey Lewis, he soaked up head-turning bandstand experiences and still managed to finish college while on the road in With the manifesto-like My Generation, a guitar-centric session featuring John Scofield, Peter Bernstein, and Mark Whitfield on alternating tracks, Avery embraced his Ethiopian heritage and the protean power of hip hop with Black Thought of The Roots rapping on the title track.

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night : Where to Go After Twin Dragons and Photograph

In many ways, the project was a primal scream of freedom after years battened down in grad school. It was like a release. When I was at USC, everything was very regimented.

After the Rain : A Night for Coltrane

I needed to clear my intellectual palette. Tompkins Square label, established in , has released acclaimed recordings by artists such as William Tyler, Ryley Walker and Michael Chapman as well as reissues of folk, old-timey, gospel and American Primitive Guitar. The label has received 8 Grammy nominations. Contact Tompkins Square. Streaming and Download help. Really fresh music Claudio Pablo Sabogal lagomarsino. So, so, soooo goddam good!

the morning after (the night before)

Just ridiculous This stuff is so groovy I can't event sit still when it's on. Endless Evenings by Virgin Pool. Reflective and personal work as delicate and strong as a spiderweb, from L.

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Bird Songs of a Killjoy by Bedouine.