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Feelgoods abounded in this movie, but I think the scenery greatly helped lend itself to this. Big scarves? Struggling business?

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Baking montages? Check check check! Royalty AND a ball?

Chocolate of Romance - TV Tropes

Check and check! This was Hallmark leaning in heavy to their beloved tropes. This happens a lot in movies — the characters clearly have a digital camera, and yet they hold it two feet away from their face AND stand really far away from their subject. No checking to make sure it is a clear photo?

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Total side note — my husband and I traveled to Europe in for our second anniversary, and spent a day or two in Bruges. And also? The sole chocolate we bought on our trip in was purchased in Bruges. They really DO make the best chocolate!

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  • So where does it fit in the rankings? Solidly in third place when you look at just the movies, which is not a bad place to be at all. To see where this movie lands in my entire ranking of Hallmark movies, visit my Hallmark Movie Rankings page!

    Raspberry Romance with Pink Gem Vase & Chocolates

    Your email address will not be published. Do you want to purchase some love special chocolates for your coming wedding anniversary?

    We have bundles of such exemplary chocolates that perfectly suits birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Visit our store and order some bundles of Love Special Chocolates online to your dear lady. We will deliver those bundles to your destination with utmost care and promptness. Chocolates are traditionally Romantic gifts.

    Romantic Chocolate Gifts

    In fact chocolate and romance are complementary to each other. The feeling of eating chocolates mimics the sensations of love.

    Richie's Heart Melts In Chocolate Bath With Alex - The Bachelor Australia

    Amongst the things women adore and love, chocolate comes on the top of the list. No women can resist the temptation of biting into one of these sweet and sugary temptations. A gift of chocolate is always welcome and they are sure to melt the heart of your beloved. We have for you an amazing range of the finest chocolates in splendid arrangements and gift hampers. From chocolate combos with teddy bears and chocolates in the form of a bouquet, our chocolate gifts are not only a treat for the palate but also visual delights.

    Neuhaus Romantic Sharing Box, 24 pcs

    Our Sweet Affairs combo is a gift pack of Ferrero Rocher Chocolate wrapped within a pink paper flower arrangement. Shaped in the form of a bouquet and tied with pink jute string bows, it comes along with an irresistibly cute pink teddy bear. It will make the perfect gift on a romantic occasion. Or you can try a gift combo of dark chocolates and an artificial red rose.