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Investigating Crashes and Crises as if Women Mattered. Based on extensive fieldwork, Denise Brennan's valuable book is part of a new wave of scholarship into the darkest side of the world's political economy, an important corrective to celebratory odes to 'globalization' and 'cosmopolitanism' that pass for critical thinking.

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The first-hand accounts of trafficking paint a vivid and painful picture of the trauma and cruelty of forced labor and the struggle of these migrants to rebuild their lives afterward. These very personal histories shed light on lives in the shadows of our globalized economy.

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Life Interrupted is a must-read for anyone who cares about fairness and justice for workers. Bk Cover Image Full. Sign In. Search Cart. Search for:. Book Pages: Illustrations: 18 photographs Published: March Having spent nearly a decade following the lives of formerly trafficked men and women, Denise Brennan recounts in close detail their flight from their abusers and their courageous efforts to rebuild their lives.

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At once scholarly and accessible, her book links these firsthand accounts to global economic inequities and under-regulated and unprotected workplaces that routinely exploit migrant laborers in the United States. Brennan contends that today's punitive immigration policies undermine efforts to fight trafficking. While many believe trafficking happens only in the sex trade, Brennan shows that across low-wage labor sectors—in fields, in factories, and on construction sites—widespread exploitation can lead to and conceal forced labor.

Life Interrupted is a riveting account of life in and after trafficking and a forceful call for meaningful immigration and labor reform. All royalties from this book will be donated to the nonprofit Survivor Leadership Training Fund administered through the Freedom Network. Shah, New Labor Forum "The sharpest analysis I have read about the problems with many do-good efforts on behalf of the working women in the sex sector.

Investigating Crashes and Crises as if Women Mattered " Life Interrupted is a wonderful synthesis of analysis and empathy.

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Open Access. Request a desk or exam copy. Table of Contents Back to Top. Acknowledgments ix Introduction. Starting Over 1 Part I. Once funded, our biggest challenge will be fitting a tight shooting scheduled into the already busy schedules of our incredible cast. In the event that we aren't able to shoot in mid-late January as we're planning, we have alternate dates within the first quarter of the year to ensure that we stay on track and true to our commitment to you our supporters.

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A Guide to Life by Dawn Wells". It's approximate 6'x3" and has grommets in the top corners for hanging and it is in pristine condition. Oct 6, - Nov 15, 40 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. Life Interrupted - a comedy 50 years in the making. Borgasmord Productions. With my husband. With me—a regular, everyday woman choosing to surrender to a life interrupted. We consider our resistance toward God's plans and our lack of surrender to be minor compared to what others have done.

We figure we do a lot of good things that ought to make up for our admitted weaknesses here and there, in one or two areas. We don't think God expects us to be so radical and on guard all the time. We've still got to have a life, right? Before things go bad, it's just a night that sounds like a lot of fun.

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A day that feels like wasting. A risk that looks like something we can likely handle, a limb that'll probably hold our weight. We don't think getting back home will be a problem when we're finished. After all, we're not going far.

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