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So naturally, I did expect — a little too much I guess. Well it happens to the best of us, right? When a book sounded that it would be right up your alley, add the fact that it is a retelling of one of your favorite fairytales and all the hype surrounding it, one cannot NOT expect. Apparently, a lot. But let me tell you first about the good points.


Fenyes-Curtin-Paloheimo Papers Container List

The mention of Mythology was a plus point for me, thanks to this book for another mythology lesson, some of it I already forgot. I liked how the book revolved into the story of greek gods or how they played an enormous part on the overall plot of the book. This added spice into it. Another good point is the uniqueness of the setting, with all the rooms that changes every time, the Hearts fire, earth, water, air. The element of fantasy was well played out as well. Now to the issues I had with this book. Let me tell you first that I was confused most of the time. The book really tested my attention skill.

I found it really hard to concentrate. Another issue, was the love triangle. It was weird, for lack of a better term. Just, no. Im not really digging it. Much like instant ramen — it will kill you with all its MSG haha. So where does this love come from? And can I say Nyx was the most inconsistent character I have ever come across with. All this can be condensed into 5 pages or so, but no it went on and on and on.

Fantasy and retelling will always be my favorite, but this book fell a little short. Would i pick up another Rosamund Hodge book? Who knows, I might like it. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. Financial Institutions - Alphabetical Unidentified Financial Institutions Check Stubs Nicholas Nicholas, Secretary; Tax Records Nicholas, Secretary; Taxes Nicholas, Secretary; Tax Pamphlets , , Nicholas, Secretary; Ledgers Nicholas, Secretary; Stocks , , Schiesswohl, Secretary; Tax Records , Schiesswohl, Secretary; Southwest Museum Trip Schiesswohl, Secretary; Gifts to Children and Grandchildren Schiesswohl, Secretary; N.

Orange Grove - Rental Schiesswohl, Secretary; Donations Schiesswohl, Secretary; Taxes Schiesswohl, Secretary; Stocks Schiesswohl, Secretary; Budgets Estate of Thomas Edouard Curtin Estate of Eva Scott Fenyes Miscellaneous Attorney Correspondence Agreement - Patrol Services Correspondence - "A-D" , n. Correspondence - "E-M" , n. Correspondence - "N-S" , n. Correspondence - "T-W," Misc.

Medical Services , n. Dogs , n. Memberships and Charities , n. Oral History Interview. Biographical note. Travel , , n. Notebooks and Diaries , n. Block print; Leonora Frances Curtin Paloheimo n. Sketches by Unknown Artists n. Children's Artwork and Stories , , n. Greeting Cards. Cut Greeting Cards n. Picture Clippings n.

Business and Calling Cards , , n. Theater , n. Telephone Directory - Santa Fe Pasadena Almanac - Artwork by Paul Coze Southwest Museum Publications Newspaper Clippings , n. Miscellaneous Ephemera Plant Catalogs Miscellaneous Notes n. Note re: China Dishes found with dishes Guest Book with photocopy of book Southwest Museum framed certificate Wedding Announcements Gallant Sprouts: Harvey Taylor's Desiderata Children's Birthday Book Scrapbook s, n. Postcards , n. Negatives , n. Negatives and Photographs n. Photographs , n. Cabinet Card Portraits of Women s.

Watercolor sketch by Eva Scott Fenyes , n. Accompanied by Howell C. Brown correspondence. Brown Series: Books. Books , , , First National Bank of Colorado Springs First National Bank of Santa Fe , Riggs National Bank of Washington D. Bags of Check Stubs - Various banks Notebooks, Telegrams, Misc. Financial Series: Legal. Series: Personal. Auto Licenses in Santa Fe Subgroup: Yrjo Alfred Paloheimo. Receipts - Chronological Real Estate Investment Information Curtin-Schiesswohl Case Series: New York World's Fair.

New York World's Fair , n. Series: Travel. Travel Ephemera , n. Travel , n. Series: Museum of International Folk Art. Museum of International Folk Art , n. American Orphanage in Finland , n. American Scandinavian Foundation Finlandia Foundation , n. Finnish American Field Service Students Finnish-American Society of Los Angeles , n.

Los Angeles Scandinavian Educational Foundation Vaestoliitto - Family Welfare League , Series: Finnish Consulate. Correspondence, Expenses, Exhibitions , n. Pamphlets, Periodicals , n. Correspondence Invitations, Cards , , n. Window Treatments Miscellaneous , , n. Guest books , n. Open Air Museum - Film Titles n. Newspaper Clippings, Newspapers , , n. Subgroup: Leonora Frances Curtin Paloheimo.

Miscellaneous , n. Financial Institutions Alphabetical See also: Boxes 83 and for cancelled checks Nicholas, Secretary; Income and Expenditures Nicholas, Secretary; Stocks Texaco Pamphlet Schiesswohl Correspondence - "A" - "Curtin, Harriet H. Correspondence - Curtin, Leonora Scott Muse , n.

Correspondence - "Mary E. Curtin" - "M" , n. Correspondence - "N - W," Unidentified, Misc. New York World's Fair Finnish-American Olympic Association Finnish-American Women's Club Linguistics - Linguistic Society of America Linguistics - John P. Harrington , n. Medical Records Jewelry Inventory Tom Stow - Tennis Stroke Developer Astrological Chart - Paul Coze Poems and Quotations n. Sketches - Unidentified Artists n. Greeting Cards, Gift Tags n. Ephemera , , n. Newspaper clippings , n.

Association on American Indian Affairs - Newsletters Association on American Indian Affairs - Ephemera Museum of Navajo Ceremonial Art , New Mexico Association on Indian Affairs Southwest Museum , Southwest Museum - Masterkey Ephemera - Indians and the Southwest , n.

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Newspaper Clippings , , n. Books, Sheet Music n. Subgroup: Yrjo and Leonora Paloheimo. Household Receipts Schiesswohl, Secretary; Receipts - Household, Medical Schiesswohl, Secretary; Financial Institutions, Alphabetical Financial Institutions, Alphabetical Correspondence - "A - Z," Miscellaneous , n. Orange Grove - Employees, Maintenance Christmas Cards , n. Paloheimo Children , , n.

Paloheimo Children , n. Series: Pasadena Historical Society. Pasadena Historical Society , n. Subgroup: Unassigned Family Papers. Correspondence, Greeting cards, Clippings, Miscellaneous , n. Financial Miscellaneous , n. Scorepads for Bridge and Mah-Jong , n. Tournament of Roses , , n. Redemption Stamps and Catalog n.

Boxed Valentine Card n. Recipes , n. The Pasadena Cook Book n. A Cook Book of Favorite Recipes Sunset Barbecue Cook Book Let's Cook It Right Notes Found with Family Artifacts n. Scrapbooks of Newspaper Clippings s, s. Photographs; Ansel Adams Photograph , n. Framed Photographs n. Framed Paintings , n. Books , Subgroup: Oversized Boxes. No online items. Extent: Boxes Approximately Linear Feet. Abstract: The Fenyes-Curtin-Paloheimo collection consists of the papers of eight family members created over a period of four generations.

During the 19th and 20th centuries the family traveled internationally, established homes in New York, Colorado, New Mexico, and California, and accumulated a rich and varied collection of financial, legal, personal and professional documents. The collection is open to the public for research. Use is restricted by rules intended to protect and preserve the materials in good condition for the future.

For additional information please contact Pasadena Museum of History. Use of the materials is governed by all applicable copyright law.

Reading is bliss.

Pasadena Museum of History reserves the right to restrict any materials from reproduction at any time. Property rights reside with Pasadena Museum of History. Literary rights are retained by the creators of the records and their heirs. The Museum's physical ownership of the materials in its collection does not imply ownership of copyright. It is the user's responibility to resolve any copyright issues related to the use and distribution of reproduced materials. For permission to reproduce or to publish, please contact Pasadena Museum of History. Eva Scott Fenyes ESF was a gifted watercolorist, a successful businesswoman, and a devoted daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother.

She was a patroness of the arts, literature, and music, and an advocate for the preservation of America's Southwestern heritage. Heiress to the fortune created by her father, Eva utilized her inheritance and talents to establish a life in Pasadena, California, that allowed her to nurture her family and sustain an active participation in Pasadena's turn of the 20th century culture and society.

She built luxurious homes where she entertained renowned guests. She managed her business properties with sophisticated acumen, traveled extensively, and studied continuously. She participated in establishing and supporting Southwestern cultural institutions and created a unique and artistic record of California's and New Mexico's Spanish and Mexican legacies.

Only Eva survived. Attendence at private schools and travel throughout Europe and Africa, where she was tutored in languages and the arts, provided Eva with an education that contributed to her success and independence. As a young woman she developed an interest in the preservation of the native cultures of the American West.

In , while visiting her parents in St. Augustine, Florida, she assisted Native American detainees held at Fort Marion by purchasing art supplies that they used to paint a record of their historic past as well as their present encounters with American culture. From late through , Eva again traveled in the eastern United States, Europe and Africa, studying language and art.

While in Egypt, she met her second husband, Dr. Adalbert Fenyes, whom she married in Budapest, Hungary in The newlyweds settled in Pasadena, California that same year. There Dr. Fenyes practiced as a physician and was an early practitioner in the use of X-ray technology. He was also a renowned entomologist who traveled the world collecting beetle specimens. Today this important beetle collection is housed at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. Eva supported the establishment of the museum, and Lummis supported her effort to paint a historic record of the crumbling adobe houses and missions that represented California's Spanish and Mexican heritage.

Ever mindful of her own development, Eva also saw carefully to her daughter's education. Leonora's life was also enriched by her parents' varied interests and the many visitors to their home; and, she was involved in Pasadena's social life, attending events at the Valley Hunt Club and the Hotel Green. Thomas Curtin died in , and Leonora and her daughter returned to Pasadena where Eva and Adalbert built a house for them on the Fenyes Mansion property.

Leonora, however, like her mother, was drawn to the Spanish colonial culture of New Mexico. Over the years, the family's interest in western Spanish heritage became a studied endeavor; and, Eva Fenyes, Leonora Scott Muse Curtin, and Leonora Frances Curtin Paloheimo each brought their own special focus to their collective interest in the Southwest. They gave their financial support and offered their particular skills to anthropological studies and archaeological expeditions; and, they sponsored institutions.

They developed friendships and professional relationships with Adolf F. Bandelier, Edgar L. Leonora Scott Muse Curtin's deep interest in the use of native plants for healing and cooking culminated in the publication of her books Healing Herbs of the Upper Rio Grande and By the Prophet of the Earth Together, along with writer Mary Austin and Frank G. From this venture, Native Market developed as an innovative commercial outlet for Spanish Colonial artisans. In , the family built their home in Santa Fe, and while much of their legacy remains there today, their roots in Pasadena held firm as well.

They made their home in both California and New Mexico and traveled frequently to Finland. He later established the Finnish Consulate for the Southwestern United States in the Fenyes' Pasadena home, where his office may be seen today. It is dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of Spanish Colonial New Mexico. As the family grew, Eva Scott Fenyes, Leonora Scott Muse Curtin, and Leonora Frances Curtin Paloheimo, along with their husbands, extended their interests and their love of art and education to the cultures and societies of the Southwest.

Through their foresight and generosity their legacy has been established and preserved in both California and New Mexico. The Fenyes-Curtin-Paloheimo collection consists of the papers of eight family members created over a period of four generations. Across the 19th and 20th centuries the family traveled internationally, established homes in New York, Colorado, New Mexico, and California, and accumulated a rich and varied collection of financial, legal, personal and professional documents.

Financial and personal papers form the bulk of the collection, while legal and professional papers form smaller portions.

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Financial documents include correspondence, receipts, ledgers, banking and investment papers, real estate records, and tax records. Personal documents include correspondence, receipts, newspaper and magazine clippings, pamphlets, brochures, scrapbooks, postcards and postcard albums, photographs and photograph albums, diaries, notebooks, sheet music, books, prints, and paintings.

The daily life of family members, their worldwide travels, and their individual interests and pursuits are reflected throughout this wide variety of formats. The papers reveal associations with relatives, friends, and historic personalities, including significant artists of the period.


Many of Eva Scott Fenyes' watercolor sketches are contained in 14 folio sketchbooks. These as well as smaller sketchbooks and many unframed paintings provide insight not only into her travels and interests, but also into her significant artistic talent. Legal documents include divorce papers, wills, and estate papers. Property litigation records relate to the Pasadena Civic Center renovation project and various Pasadena street reconfiguration projects.

Professional documents include the papers of Adalbert Fenyes who was a physician and entomologist. Margaret E. She terminated employment October 26, Her files have been kept in their original order. Harold J. When possible, the original order of his files has been maintained. In and , additional family papers were found in the Fenyes Mansion and the History Center Archives. In and , these papers were processed into the existing Fenyes-Curtin-Paloheimo Papers. In and , the 14 folio sketchbooks created by Eva Scott Fenyes were photographed and cataloged and added to the Fenyes-Curtin-Paloheimo Papers.

Boxes were added to the original complement of Fenyes-Curtin-Paloheimo Papers. These numbers have been interspersed throughout the subgroups and are designated in "Bold" typeface throughout the container list. A portion of the names, corporations and places found in the Pasadena Museum of History's Library and Archives local database. Ledgers Scope and Content Note Oversize items in Box Box 10, Folders Office Rental Box 16, Folders Box 17, Folders Taxes Box , Folders Box 19, Folders Box 20, Folders Box 21, Folders Box 25, Folders Box 26, Folders Box 27, Folders Napoleon I Pets Star Publishing Surgery Portraits n.

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Scrapbooks Lake Tahoe Boston Mexico Passport Diary Notebook Scrapbook Scrapbook s. Scrapbook s Scrapbook n. Box , Folder 1. Box 63, Folders Stencil n. Place cards n. Box 67, Folders Scope and Content Note 15 red folio sketchbooks, 14 of which contain drawings and paintings by Eva Scott Fenyes. Number 15 is empty. In and the sketchbooks and sketches were photographed and cataloged in the Past Perfect Database. Box Box 70, Folders Box 71, Folders Box 68, Folders Stationery n.

Wallpaper n. Box 75, Folders Physical Description: 25 files. Box 85, Folders Box 88, Folders Box 90, Folders a. Box 91, Folders Box 92, Folders Box 93, Folders Box 94, Folders Laundry List n. Place Cards n. Map - Brooklyn Music n.