Pete McGee and the Master of Darkness

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Its here! This is the final instalment in the Pete McGee trilogy, and it has the most villanous villains ever Pete McGees mother and Marloynne are in trouble again, and this time Pete wont be alone as he sets out on a quest to save them. But will being part of a group make things easier for Pete, or harder?


A boy with one arm dreams of becoming a great knight. His mother, has come back from the dead after a serious illness and is safe at last There are two villians so evil they make every other villian look as cute as a baby chicken Civilian uncredited Brendan Norman Enterprise Crew Engineer uncredited Laura Parker Enterprise Crew Engineer uncredited Perry Ray Nibiran uncredited David L. Enterprise Crew Engineer uncredited Thomas W. Enterprise Crew Engineer uncredited Paul Sutherlin Section 31 Officer uncredited Adam Thomasson Enterprise Crew Member uncredited John Tomkins Enterprise Security uncredited Julee Vadnais Green Girl uncredited Kyle Valle Starfleet Civilian uncredited Vincent van Hinte Kissing Alien uncredited David Whitaker Starfleet Enlisted Soldier uncredited Stacey Woods Intergalactic Woman uncredited Felicity Wren Starfleet Officer uncredited Kerry Wynnyk Crew member uncredited Omid Zader Goldman Andrew Murdock Murdock Harry E.

Otto Lauren E.

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Abrams Jason De Meo Hird Emily Hoang Meier Jaime Mengual Abrams Ryan J. IT consultant Peter Woods ILM executive staff uncredited Ryan Hailey Edit page. Share this page:. An old man with a tragic past and slight drinking problem. Zombie knights, risen from their graves. There are triumphs. There are tragedies.

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There are funny names. Except squirrels. And Lachie Wright. They're not in it. Pete McGee and the Master of Darkness. Book 3. His mother, back from the dead, is safe at last Two villains so evil they make every other villain look as evil as a cute baby chicken. There's a wedding. There's friendship, teamwork, and life-changing choices… There's even a giraffe and squirrels. This book seriously does have everything. Except an elephant. Oh no! I forgot to put in the bit about the elephant!

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