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The book takes up a dreary theme of failure and disobedience and presents it with irony, satire, and humor. These instances of humor not only enliven the stories, they also provide the keys that he uses to address the scholarly riddles the book so frequently presents.

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Butler observes that Judges is a complex work of literature that cannot be easily reduced to a thesis sentence or to one single purpose statement. The central themes, though, are clear enough. Each story deals in one way or another with a crisis in leadership. The problem of disobedience also shadows leaders and people throughout the book. Political judgments color the way the stories are told, foreshadowing the later division of Israel into two warring kingdoms. Finally, despite the absence of any overt theological statements, the stories all point to the sovereignty of God over God's people, and the worship that they owe him.

Throughout the commentary, Dr. Butler presents thorough reviews of the latest scholarship and up-to-date bibliographies to guide readers through the research on the fascinating riddles of Judges. Butler served ten years on the faculty of the International Baptist Theological Seminary in Ruschilkon, Switzerland, and for twenty-two years as editor and editorial director for Holman Bible Publishers. Butler has a Ph. Currently, he is a retired free-lance editor. Engage the challenging books of Ruth and Esther utilizing the dynamic expertise of Frederic Bush.

Fredric W. Review and evaluate modern critical perspectives on the book, and considers the legacy of modern historical-critical studies. Ralph W. He is the author of 2 Chronicles: A Commentary and 2 Maccabees , both in the Hermeneia commentary series. Anderson is honorary fellow in the faculty of theology at the University of Manchester in England.

Gain scholarly insight into the intricacies of both the events and the textual challenges of 1 Kings. Study the geo-political context of Israel and the shape of its international relations as it emerges as a regional power and is eventually split into two kingdoms. Simon J. Experience the tragic drama of 2 Kings as you follow the long descent of Israel and Judah to the destruction of Jerusalem and Babylonian exile.

Hobbs argues that 2 Kings was intended to review the past, but also to point to the promised return to the Promised Land. He examines the historical context, textual witnesses, theological themes, and literary techniques of the author of 2 Kings. Hobbs outlines the implications of the prophetic witness in post-monarchy Judah, and examines the source materials for this dramatic historical book.

Take a fresh look at 1 Chronicles and discover its meaning for God's people by examining its origins, textual witnesses, geo-political and historical context, and theological meaning. Roddy L.

Word Biblical Commentary (WBC) (61 vols.)

Study the literary structure, the Chroniclers use of other Old Testament books, the narratives, geo-political context, and textual witnesses of 2 Chronicles. Raymond B. Based on years of intensive study and research, this commentary provides competent guidance to the complexities of Ezra and Nehemiah. The author gives special attention to the perplexing problems associated with their form, structure, and literary history.

Willamson is lecturer in Hebrew and Aramaic at Cambridge University. Learn how every element of Job is an essential element in the weaving of a literary and theological masterpiece. Examine the enigmatic origins and context of Job, its textual tradition, its complex structural relationships, and keys to its elegant poetry. This volume never loses sight of the big picture or the details. The textual notes, which center on explaining why the English versions of Job differ so amazingly from one another, support the author's carefully worded translation.

David J. Clines is emeritus professor of biblical studies at the University of Sheffield. He currently serves as publisher and director of Sheffield Phoenix Press. Job 38—42 is the final volume in professor David Cline's monumental study of Job. This volume is devoted entirely to the response of the Lord from the tempest to Job and the replies of Job Job 38—42 , presenting the Lord's own explanation of his manifold purposes in creation and bringing to an unexpected conclusion Job's dramatic quest for justice.

Difficult portions of the Hebrew text are thoroughly handled, but the commentary is written for the non-technical reader and scholar alike. Clines uncovers the driving force of the argument and the drama of the book. Explanation sections at the end of each chapter brilliantly summarize the views of the speakers and offer thoughtful reflections on their theological value. Professor Craigie's translations and interpretations of the first 50 Psalms provide insights into the Hebrew language and how Israel's literature draws from Ugaritic texts.

He provides a careful and critical analysis of various scholarly proposals and their implications for modern interpretation of the Psalter. Peter C. Craigie — was dean of the faculty of humanities at the University of Calgary. The middle section of the Hebrew Psalter has long been regarded as an inspiring anthology of ancient religious poetry.

Within this part of the Sepher Tehillim or Book of Praises, are 11 of the 12 psalms of Asaph 73—83 , one of Solomon's two 72 , the sole offerings of Ethan 89 and Moses 90 , and four of the songs ascribed to the sons of Korah—not to mention the many attributed to David. Marvin E. Get a fresh understanding of the last 50 Psalms, as well as a deeper appreciation of their impact, in their original setting and in their history of interpretation throughout church history.

Survey current research into these psalms, and review a fresh translation and textual notes. Leslie C. Murphy cautions his readers to consider the limitations of proverbial sayings.

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Yet the Proverbs do not provide the final word; "rather they act as a goad, a prod to further thought. Roland E. He is the author of Hermeneia: Song of Songs. Revealing vast knowledge of past and present studies on Ecclesiastes, Murphy surveys the broad range of conflicting ideas about this book in historical and contemporary scholarship, dissecting all the major theories of authorship, dating, sociological setting, and linguistic analysis. They examine the textual history, historical context, literary structure, and authorship, of each book, providing extensive notes and bibliographic references.

Through The Bible - Books of Amos & Obadiah - Bible Study by Zac Poonen

Duane Garrett is John R. Paul R. House is professor of biblical studies at Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois. Study the epic story of the prophet Isaiah and his dealings with Israel and other nations with John Watts. From the opening covenantal indictment to the messianic proclamations in chapters 55—66, Watts explores the complex historical background, textual difficulties, interpretive issues, and source theories for the book Isaiah.

One of the most detailed commentaries ever produced on Isaiah, Watts work is a standard text for students of Isaiah. John D. Examine the compositional sources, textual witnesses, chronology, and theological significance of Jeremiah with Peter Craigie. Examine the compositional sources, textual witnesses, chronology, and theological significance of Jeremiah. Gerald L. Keown is professor of Old Testament interpretation and associate dean of the school of divinity at Gardner-Webb University.

Pamela J. She coauthored The Minor Prophets, vol. Thomas G. Delve deep into the language, structure, and background of the mysterious prophecies of Ezekiel. Focusing on the meaning of the text, Allen illuminates the historical setting of the book and explains the role of the prophet with clarity and precision. Explore the mysterious prophecies of Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi by studying their historical context, textual transmission, composition, and theological meaning. Ralph L. Donald A. Howard Marshall and an ordained minister in the American Presbyterian Church.

Robert A. Craig A. Evans taught at Trinity Western University in British Columbia for 21 years, where he directed the graduate program in biblical studies and founded the Dead Sea Scrolls Institute. He has recently served on the advisory board for the Gospel of Judas for National Geographic Society and has appeared frequently as an expert commentator on network television programs. Evans has written and edited extensively on the historical Jesus and the Jewish background of the New Testament era. Examining the historical context, literary structure, and relationship to other gospels, Nolland provides a detailed reading of Luke that emphasizes the historicity of the book and its theological meaning.

Confront the historical, theological, and textual concerns raised by the fourth gospel. George R. See Romans in the light of modern historical and cultural studies with this commentary from ground breaking scholar James D. He insists that the letter must be read and understood within a specific historical and cultural context. James D. Our Brother In The Lord. The Secret of the Cross. Zhingoora Bible Series. Joshua Landberg.

Peace Bible Verses. God's Will Bible Verses. Prophetic Connection. Charles White. Into the Heart of God. Gates of Zion. Christ Embassy Int'l. Ayodeji Adesina. A Letter to a Primitive Baptist Lady. Edwin Jardinel. Hayes Press. Pocket Bible on Finances. Be Authentic Genesis Warren W. Dying to Live. Willie Cowart. Hassell Bullock.

Annotated Old Testament Bibliography - 2016

Tom Allen. Arthur H. Phil Nason. Unveiling Mysteries of the Bible. Grant R. Notes on the Prophecy of Amos. War on Terror. What is Repentance? Jeremy Walker. The Heart of God. Chatequa Pinkston. Tremper Longman III. Leviticus: The Book of Holiness. David Phillips. Paul Koptak. Holman Old Testament Commentary - Isaiah. Big Book of God's Promises. Loves Fire. The Wonder Book of Bible Stories. Logan Marshall. Andrew Murray.

Compiled by Barbour Staff. Christine Brooks Martin. Forty Days of Prophetic Miracles. David Kolomafe. Smith Wigglesworth. Holy Spirit Bible Verses.

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