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Rp72, Rp, Maddy had agreed to meet her husband-by-arrangement but she had no intention of marrying him! Her pl.. Vittore Mantezzini had finally found Lio, his beloved baby son, living with an aunt in London. He de.. Emma and Greek tycoon Leon Kyriakis had once shared an intense and passionate love, but their relati.. As far as Morgan was concerned, Jodie's visit was worrying.

According to the baby's birth certificat.. It's been ten years since Tina's testimony condemned Giovanni to prison, ten years since the auto ac.. Back in his bed! Spine may show signs of wear. Pages may include limited notes and highlighting. Title: Island of Healing Item Condition: used item in a very good condition. Books will be free of page markings. Betty Neels Old Harlequin editions - group of 5 good to very good. Condition is Very Good. ISBN The Magic of Living. ISBN : Authors : Betty Neels.

Publisher : Harlequin. Mass market paperback. Product Category : Books. See similar items. Spine creases. Last April Fair.

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ISBN : X. Binding : Paperback. Condition : Good. Publication Date : Book is in very good Condition. It is a used paperback so the corners may be worn a little bit and minor wear. Book Details. Published On: SKU: Fate is Remarkable has creas line on front and back cover has two small corner tears - no print loss. Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Hot This Week. Sponsored Listings.

Got one to sell? Make an Offer. Make Offer - 21 book lot Harlequin romance. Betty Neels Harlequin old editions - 5 in good condition. Make Offer - Betty Neels Harlequin old editions - 5 in good condition. Shop by Category. Type see all. Author see all. Gilded Cage by Catherine George. Turbulent Covenant by Jessica Steele.

Beloved Stranger by Elizabeth Oldfield.

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Return to Faraway by Valerie Parv. Like Enemies by Sophie Weston. Woman of Honour by Emma Darcy. Desire Never Changes by Penny Jordan. Poppy Girl by Jacqueline Gilbert. Land of Thunder by Annabel Murray. The Lonely Season by Susan Napier. Por eso, cuando descubrio que Sage tenia algo muy valioso que le pertenecia tambien a el, un recuerdo de esa noche de pasion, Caleb decidio que no se iba a detener ante nada ni ante nadie para reclamar lo que era suyo. No habia esperado empezar a sentir una atraccion abrasadora por un hombre que no iba a poder amarla Jacob Wilde habia tenido una vida comoda y feliz, buscando siempre la aventura y el placer.

Pero un dramatico accidente hizo que todo cambiara de repente para el. En el pequeno pueblo de Wilde's Crossing todo el mundo hablaba de como habia sido siempre Jacob y lo que le habia pasado. Asi habia sido como Addison se habia enterado de las graves heridas que Jacob habia sufrido en la guerra. La gente decia que se habia convertido en un hombre solitario. Pero, en ese momento de su vida, a Addison solo le preocupaba su futuro y no tenia ningun interes en el arrogante Jacob Wilde.


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No iba a permitir que ese hombre la atacara sin responder de la misma forma. Aquele siciliano ia conseguir fazer com que ela se rendesse. Stefano Luchesi conhecia todo o tipo de mulheres: A bela e rica super-modelo parecia nao precisar de ninguem Mas ele tinha-se esforcado para a conseguir de corpo e alma E ela tinha decidido resistir. Ate que um acidente pos em perigo a sua beleza e a sua carreira.

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Agora precisava da ajuda de Stefano, embora isso signifi-casse render-se. So a paixao seria capaz de curar o seu corpo e a sua alma. She knows this isn't her time, her place, but everyone will think she's crazy if she tells them the truth Yet his touch inspires a fervent longing At night she dreams of him, a sensual fantasy so real it's almost as if he was there Until the day Simon, a darkly handsome man who shares her power, appears near her remote cave So when reporter Valerie arrives to dig up new dirt, Nick is watching her every move with his smouldering, seductive eyes.

Tinha que assumir as surpresas do destino Keir O'Connell soube que tinha que sair de Las Vegas quando se deu conta de que morria de desejo por Cassie, uma bailarina que trabalhava no famoso hotel da sua familia. Parecia que o calor do deserto de Nevada lhe estava a afectar o cerebro!

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Por isso, Keir partiu para o este e ali montou um novo negocio, mas as recordacoes daquela bailarina nao o tinham abandonado por muito que o desejasse. E, entao, Cassie voltou a aparecer na sua vida. De algum modo tinha conseguido que a contratassem no novo restaurante de Keir. Ele tinha pensado sempre que nao se deviam misturar negocios com prazer, a unica opcao que tinha era fazer com que a sua empregada fosse tambem sua amante Aquela mulher era a bela desconhecida com quem tivera um encontro inesquecivel ha cinco anosAo principio, Dominic Borghese negou-se a casar-se com Arianna so para saldar uma divida.

Isso era algo que nao podia acontecer no seculo XXI. Alem disso, ele nao tinha a menor intencao de ser pai, e Arianna tinha um filho. No entanto, quando viu a mulher que seria a sua esposa, mudou radicalmente de opiniao, mas depois teve a surpresa de que agora era ela quem nao estava convencida a casar-se. Por isso, Dominic decidiu persuadir Arianna para que se convertesse em sua esposa Dos bairros pobres para um apartamento de luxo Italiano de nascimento, aquele rapaz das ruas viveu uma vida de pobreza extrema at que fugiu para o Brasil, onde se libertou das suas razes, mudou de nome e prosperou.

Agora Rio D'Aquila era mais do que rico, e tinha reputao de ser intransigente nos negcios e incomparvel na cama! Mas quando conheceu a vulnervel Isabella Orsini, algo se modificou no seu interior, e descobriu-se a fingir ser de novo o homem que quisera esquecer h tantos anos. A sua aventura converteu-se num torvelinho de paixo, mas Isabella no sabia que o seu amante lhe mentira. A tentacao de brincar com o fogo era demasiado forte O prncipe Draco Valenti utilizava a sua frieza como uma armadura que nenhum oponente podia penetrar exceto Anna Orsini. Ela no era uma adversria normal e corrente, mas uma advogada de alto gabarito, que falava sempre claramente.

O seu uniforme era constitudo por um tailleur srio e uns sapatos com uns saltos altos vertiginosos, sinais contraditrios que atraiam Draco, alm de o deixar perplexo e frustrado ao mesmo tempoAmbos chocam nos negcios, mas na cama, o desejo de Draco por Anna capaz de acabar com todas as suas defesas. Passionate, powerful and provocative.

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  8. The original eight book series and the four-book continuation together at last! Ali, conheceu Alessia Antoninni, uma princesa de conversa fcil e corpo escultural, e a viagem tornou-se muito mais interessante Alessia sabia muito bem o que significava o sobrenome Orsini. Todavia, no esperava a poderosa masculinidade de Nick. Com o corao e o negcio familiar em perigo, no teve outro remdio seno ceder ao bonito estrangeiro Um beijo de um homem como ele deixava-a sem alento Falco Orsini, um respeitado homem de negcios, tinha deixado para trs a sua vida nas Foras Especiais, embora, em algumas ocasies, utilizasse os seus conhecimentos quando o dever o requeria.

    Contudo, nessas ocasies, Falco impunha sempre as suas condies. Por isso, quando o seu pai, de quem se mantinha muito afastado, lhe props que protegesse uma jovem modelo e atriz que estava a ser perseguida, Falco acede apenas pela vulnerabilidade que v nos olhos dela. Elle Bissette est decidida a no ser uma vtima e pensa que consegue cuidar de si mesma sozinha.

    Mas o misterioso e irresistvel Falco perigoso. So pensava em reclamar o seu filho Gabriella Reyes Viera ficou rendida potente masculinidade de Dante e acabou grvida e sozinha. No teve outro remdio seno aceitar a vergonha de regressar a casa, que ficava numa pequena cidade do Brasil. Dante Orsini, perito em investimentos, teve de viajar para o Brasil para comprar uma fazenda a pedido do seu pai.

    Uma vez ali, ficou a saber que a fazenda em questo pertencia famlia de Gabriella, a nica mulher que no conseguira esquecer. No entanto, a Gabriella pouco restava da vida de modelo profissional que vivera em Nova Iorque. Alm disso, Dante no demorou muito a descobrir que Gabriella no estava sozinha.

    Estava na companhia de um menino de cabelo escuro e de uns olhos incrivelmente parecidos com os dele A arte da seducao corria pelas veias do seu marido Raffaele Orsini no desejava uma esposa, mas, quando conheceu a mulher com quem tinham arranjado o seu casamento, o seu sentido de honra levou-o a casar-se com ela.

    Chiara no era o que Raffaele esperara Chiara Cordiano estava decidida a no se apaixonar pelo marido Fizera tudo o que era possvel para evitar o seu destino, mas, num abrir e fechar de olhos, viu-se obrigada a abandonar a sua pitoresca aldeia siciliana para ir para Nova Iorque. Desejava odiar Rafe, mas com o seu charme misterioso e tentadora masculinidade, Chiara no demorou a ronronar como uma gatinha. Obrigada a casar-se com um principe do deserto O xeque Khalil aceita acompanhar a rebelde Layla Addison at ao seu reino para a entregar ao seu noivo.

    Contudo Khalil fica to horrorizado como ela ao ver que querem obrigla a casar-se com um homem lascivo! Khalil decide ento fazer dela a sua esposa! Layla incapaz de resistir sua beleza, porm cr que Khalil um homem arrogante e autoritrio. Casando-se com ele, ficaria numa situao ainda pior? O xeque queria vingar-se! Para o xeque Salim al Taj, a nica coisa importante eram os negcios. Porm, depois de passar uma noite com Grace, uma funcionria da sua empresa, o seu ponto de vista alterou-se.

    Agora s desejava estar com ela! Quando Salim ps fim sua aventura apaixonada, no conseguiu acreditar que Grace se tivesse ido embora da empresa, levando, segundo parecia, bastante dinheiro. Portanto decidiu castigar a sua amante rebelde sem piedade e de forma lenta e com muito prazer. Estava gravida de um xeque mas Tariq, prncipe de Dubaac, tinha como obrigao conceber um herdeiro, pelo que precisava de uma esposa que lhe obedecesse de dia e de noite. Por um espantoso acaso do destino, Madison Whitney fica grvida de Tariq, porm Madison tem uma carreira brilhante e no propriamente uma mulher submissa, pelo que Tariq se v obrigado a recorrer seduo e at ao rapto para fazer dela a sua esposa But I've discovered independence has its own problems.

    Antonio Rodrigo Cordoba del Rey will help me He wants to own me, body, heart and soul. Pride prevents me from calling on my family for help - but if I succumb to Antonio's terms, I know I'll never be free again! She wants a baby. He wants an heir. But what about love? Hannah has been married once before, but now she is perfectly happy on her own. She has always wanted children. So when her boss, Grant MacLean, suggests that they marry in order to have a child, Hannah is tempted. Secretly she finds Grant incredibly attractive and she can have it all: This time, there will be no man owning her heart who can break it - or will there?

    Can Hannah really go through a wedding and a pregnancy with Grant, and then not care if he acts on his plan to divorce her? Master of Matrimony Arden Miller - a coolly professional independent woman Then she is a girl alone and in trouble! Conor Martinez - his name means power and privilege He believes that Arden led her sleazy boss on, but now he's the only one who can help her. Within days, Conor's initial distrust has turned to passion, and in weeks he proposes. At first Arden is overjoyed: But then she wonders if love has anything to do with it - she has inherited the El Corazon ranch, and Conor will gain control of it by possessing her Ryan Kincaid doesn't like being told what to do.

    When his grandfather pressures him to marry and introduces him to a suitable bride, Ryan is furious. Devon Franklin is the most argumentative, grasping female he's ever met! So what if she's gorgeous and he can't stop thinking about her? Devon is perfectly capable of running her own life. She doesn't need a husband and certainly not one like Ryan-disgustingly rich, dangerously handsome, infuriatingly smug Who cares if his kisses turn her knees to jelly? Perhaps the solution is a whirlwind wedding From Here to Paternity: A chance to fall in love again! David Adams is going to have to let his wife back into his life.

    He'd been about to divorce Joanna, when she had the accident. True, she's undergone a complete personality change since then, and has turned back into the lovely girl he married. But does that mean he's going to fall right back in love with her? David is convinced that what he feels for Joanna right now is lust.

    But he must resist their reborn attraction But, still, they collided as guests at the Wedding of the Year. Damian hadn't been looking for commitment, and Laurel didn't date macho Greek men But their mutual physical attraction was red-hot, and soon Damian was insisting that they have a wedding of their own! Between them, Laurel and Damian set of fireworks you'll long remember, especially when a night of wild passion leads to a marriage Laurel doesn't want - but Damian demands - in this, the first story in Sandra Marton's new trilogy!

    But when Dawn got cold feet about her honeymoon, Chase had an idea. It was important that his daughter and her new husband should start life together believing love never dies, so why didn't he and Annie pretend they were reconciled? Just for a while Enjoy the rekindled passion that sizzles between Annie and Chase. Is this to be the reconciliation of the year?

    Find out - in this, the second story in Sandra Marton's enthralling trilogy! Stephanie was a woman in search of a lawyer, David was one of the best. Stephanie revealed that she needed money, no questions asked, and David confessed he needed a fiancee, quickly. Suddenly, they had a full-scale blaze on their hands! Stephanie and David thought theirs would be a cool engagement of convenience Could they make it to the altar? Find out in this, the third and final part of Sandra Marton's thrilling trilogy! The newspapers called her new boss a financial genius; the gossip columns branded him gorgeous.

    But Dana knew Griffin McKenna took whatever he wanted, be it a company or a woman. She could think of other words to describe him: When Dana and Griffin arrived at an important conference to find they had to share a room, Dana was ready to run - a whole weekend spent with Griffin in the Bridal Suite? But then she experienced for herself the McKenna take-over technique When Matt Romano proposed closing down Chic magazine, Susannah was determined to stop him in his tracks.

    He was a boardroom barracuda! She came up with a brilliant plan to boost Chic 's circulation: But Matt insisted on supervising her search. Suddenly Susannah was surrounded by half a dozen gorgeous guys, all vying to get between the sheets - of her magazine, of course. But she longed to be seduced by Matt, who got her vote as the world's sexiest man!

    Certainly to a woman of the nineties, this Roman hunk's views on love are as antiquated as the ruins of his city. And, given half a chance, perhaps as eternal Married to a Stranger! Dorian Oliver had a job to do and Jake Prince was not going to stop her! But then Dorian found herself in a situation with only one solution: Jake made it clear that he was more than willing to make love to her, but Dorian wanted more, much more, than a few nights of bliss in his arms.

    Even though they both knew their marriage was a sham, Dorian found herself wishing that pretense could become reality. Now all she had to do was convince Jake that marriage to a stranger could last for a lifetime Olivia Harris was desperate! Trouble was, the only person she could turn to for help was the last man who could offer it. Edward Archer wanted the truth behind Olivia's relationship with his stepfather, but she was determined to keep her secrets!

    So when Edward started taking over Olivia's life, she was worried. Instead of hating Edward, she began to like him all too much She was a woman accused and Edward had set himself up as prosecutor, judge and jury Heaven In His Arms Khalil claimed that he never took what wasn't offered! But despite that claim, wasn't Khalil a man who would stop at nothing to get what he wanted? Kidnapped and held prisoner by Khalil, Joanna determined to escape. Now Joanna had to discover if Khalil was simply using her as a political pawn.

    This is Grant's story: Crista Adams - my ward! But the woman is no more a child than I am. In fact, with her lifestyle, I doubt Crista ever was a child. Why is it, then, that I, who've never let a woman get under my skin, am so jealous of every man in Crista's life? That's why I've decided to really act as her guardian.

    I've demanded that she move in with me. But that's surely the craziest idea I've ever had! Now I have the feeling that nothing in my life will ever be the same again The second story in Sandra Marton's gripping new series, Landon's Legacy - where four hearts are unleashed by one man's bequest.