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Our Friends Want some pop culture news? Head on over to Monkeys Fighting Robots for your fix! At a moment of desperation given King's infinite resources and litany of loyal subjects, Felicity and Diggle recruit some of Green Arrow's allies and old enemies to help in the fight: Batman, Arsenal, Emiko, Katana, Onyx, Cupid and even Lex Luthor , at that time a Justice League member. Following DC's Convergence storyline in April—May , the title again received a new creative team in writer Ben Percy and artist Patrick Zircher , whose run was more influenced by the horror genre.

Elements from Arrow were removed, and characters created by Lemire, such as Emiko and Henry Fyff, were restored to major roles. Percy's first arc depicts Green Arrow confronting a racist serial killer using drone -like security technology in Seattle to systematically target criminals and potential criminals based on computer profiling and police data. In , DC relaunched its entire line of titles once again with the DC Rebirth event, this time intending to restore elements from the DC Universe prior to Flashpoint , while also maintaining the continuity of the New In addition to restoring Green Arrow's trademark Van Dyke beard, the series revisited a romance between Green Arrow and Black Canary for the first time since Percy also reestablished Green Arrow as a politically conscious figure, with the writer describing him as a "social justice warrior".

This volume has been confirmed to be ending in March , with Issue 50 as the final issue which will be an extra-sized issue. As with other DC superheroes, Green Arrow has an extensive supporting cast of characters, sometimes called Team Arrow , along with a unique rogues gallery of villains.

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  5. His supporting cast has changed wildly over the course of the series, but has tended to include his sidekick Speedy Roy Harper and Mia Dearden and his fellow superhero and main romantic interest, Black Canary. His son Connor Hawke has also been a part of the Arrow vigilante family, along with Black Canary's adopted daughter Sin. For a brief time, Green Arrow was also "assisted" by the aspiring superhero Miss Arrowette , with whom he had a brief affair. The New 52 reboot of Green Arrow has also introduced a number of new supporting characters for Oliver, including ex-Queen Industries technology experts Naomi Singh and Henry Fyff, and his archer half-sister Emiko Queen who later takes up the code-name Red Arrow.

    The archer Shado , though not part of Oliver's unit of heroes, has also been a recurring character in Oliver's life. As a Justice League member, Green Arrow will also appear in crossovers with stories featuring other DC flagship characters from time to time. Of his Justice League colleagues, classic stories depict Ollie as having an ongoing feud with Hawkman owing to their differing outlooks on life, and more recently, he has been depicted as a good friend of his Justice League United colleague Animal Man.

    Green Arrow has also been a member of the Outsiders , both in its incarnation as a covert superhero team led by Batman and in its New 52 form as a secret society based around various weapon clans, including an Arrow Clan which Oliver is the rightful head of. Recurring Green Arrow villains of course include his archenemies Merlyn , a master archer, and Count Vertigo , a foreign dignitary with the power to disrupt his enemy's balance and perception.

    Since the s, the longstanding DC supervillain Deathstroke has often been depicted as having a particular grudge against Green Arrow. For many years, DC Comics wrote stories in what it called a Multiverse , or a series of infinite parallel Earths. This allowed DC writers to freely retcon and retell stories, as well as explain continuity mistakes. Despite having a different origin than the modern Green Arrow, the Golden Age character's development largely parallels the modern one's.

    DC's weekly series 52 established a new Earth Multiverse. The ongoing series Countdown showcased several of these.

    Green Arrow: Archer's Quest

    On Earth-3, an evil equivalent of Green Arrow is a member of the supervillain co-op called the Crime Society of America. Another evil equivalent exists in the Antimatter Universe called Deadeye. In the alternate timeline of the Flashpoint event, Oliver Queen is the head of Green Arrow Industries, a major military contracting company, as well as leads an ex-military band of Green Arrows. Even though Oliver is an inventive genius, he steals advanced gadgets from super-villains for military use.

    In one day, Oliver discovers his Green Arrows were killed by a female raider. Taking his weapons and gadgets to hunt down the woman in battle, Oliver shockingly learns that she is a daughter of his and Vixen , Oliver's former lover, as well as the reason she attacked him was because Green Arrow Industries built factories which specializing in testing super-villain weapons in American towns that inadvertently became targets for the super-villains looking to gain their weapons back.

    Shocked by her revelation, Oliver had only been stalling before his daughter is killed by his reserve teams he earlier called. Despite missing an arm implied to be because of Superman , [36] Oliver still proves to be an effective archer he grasps the nocks of his arrows in his teeth. The Emerald Archer later acquires a cybernetic replacement for his lost arm from Batman in the sequel and there was an action figure made with his missing arm in the box. In JLA: The Nail and its sequel , Oliver is a featured as a crippled ex-hero, having lost an arm, an eye, and the use of his legs in a fight with Amazo , which also resulted in the death of Hawkman.

    Bitter and furious, he is now wheelchair-bound and spreads fear on Perry White 's talk show about the JLA being aliens and claims that they are planning to conquer the world; his former teammates speculate that this is his method of coping. In Batman: Holy Terror , Oliver Queen is mentioned as having been executed, found guilty of supporting underground Jewish "pornographers". He is killed in issue 2 by Poison Ivy.

    Graphic Novels - Superheroes - Green Arrow

    He married his longtime love Dinah Lance and they have a daughter, Olivia Queen. Green Arrow appears in League of Justice , a The Lord of the Rings —inspired fantasy where the character is renamed "Longbow Greenarrow": a mysterious wizard resembling Gandalf. In the Injustice universe, where the Joker kills Lois Lane and her unborn child, driving Superman to autocratic madness, Green Arrow joins Batman's Insurgency against Superman's Regime, recognizing the corrupt Man of Steel's harsher approach to ending crime.

    In Injustice: Gods Among Us , he is in a romantic relationship with Black Canary revealed later is also his wife and also unintentionally becomes close to Harley Quinn , who he saves from a near-death encounter with Superman. Near the end of Year One the comic's first volume he is beaten to death by Superman in his Fortress of Solitude after the former mistakenly believes that the Insurgency has come to harm his adopted parents kept there though in reality it was a botched attempt to gain a super pill meant to give humans great power.

    With his final action, Oliver is able to use an arrow to deliver the super pill to the Insurgency so that the mission was not in vain. Year Two reveals Canary to be pregnant with Oliver's child, leaving her determined to take down Superman for his murder. When Superman nearly kills her, Doctor Fate heals and takes Dinah to an alternate universe where a different version of Oliver Queen remains alive but his own Black Canary is deceased. Doctor Fate leaves the two to raise the baby—named Conner—together, giving each other a chance at happiness. Five years later, in the prequel comic of the game's sequel Injustice 2 , alternate Oliver and Dinah receive news from Doctor Fate of Superman's defeat at the hands of his Prime-Earth counterpart.

    While Dinah is brought home by Doctor Fate to help Batman restore Earth, the Prime-Earth Oliver joins in to honor his late-counterpart who was murdered by Superman five years ago. The Prime-Earth Oliver discovers that, unlike himself, his deceased counterpart maintained his wealth and resources, and with the public is unaware that its Oliver Queen is dead, the Prime-Earth Green Arrow is able to access them for the heroes' needs.

    He learns his counterpart's marriage to Dinah, prompting her to ask the Prime-Earth Green Arrow his hand-in-marriage, which he accepts. He and Batman also do not get along, waiting for an opportunity to duel after Oliver reveals that, based on what he learned from Dinah, he has more trainings than his counterpart's.

    In the comic book, which features an alternate retelling of Clark's journey to becoming Superman, Oliver Queen encounters Clark Kent two times in his life. First is when Clark was nineteen and Oliver mistakes him for Bruce Wayne , whom he had thrown a birthday party for despite being aware that Wayne would never show up.

    Clark, after some hesitation, decides to enjoy himself and befriends Oliver, though he briefly becomes annoyed and shocked at how much money Oliver and his friends waste. Years later, after getting off Starfish Island, Oliver has matured more and encounters Clark again, who has begun his new career at the Daily Planet. At first believing him to be Bruce, Clark quickly comes clean. Oliver forgives him before introducing him to Lex Luthor , partly to annoy the latter. The trade paperback edition of The Archer's Quest 16—21 was released as Volume 4 in the series after Straight Shooter 26—31 was released as Volume 3.

    SC: The character starts off as a recurring character who is already an established vigilante in his home of Star City, and is originally paired with Lois Lane in a romantic storyline. After a rough start, he becomes a trusted ally and friend of Clark Kent. Green Arrow retains his many unique arrows and demonstrates expert archery skill, along with skilled use of a crossbow with many trick arrows. In the episode "Justice", Oliver teams up with Clark to put an end to Lex Luthor's experimentation with supervillains by teaming up with other superheroes Clark has met on his journeys, forming a prototypical Justice League.

    Oliver is seen again in season seven for the episode " Siren ", in which he continues his fight against LuthorCorp and meets another superhero, Black Canary , whom he recruits for his Justice League. In a flashback sequence in the season seven episode " Veritas ", a young version of Oliver Queen can be seen being played by Luke Gair. From season eight through season ten, Hartley is a series regular, and is woven into the backstory of Smallville through the Queens' business connections with the Luthor, Teague, and Swann families; Oliver was a childhood friend and schoolmate, and later a teenage bully, of Lex Luthor.

    In the season eight episode "Requiem", Oliver risks his friendship with Clark by killing Lex, something which Clark would never support. Over the course of the series, Oliver and Clark become increasingly close friends and they establish themselves full-time as superheroes, working with other members of the Justice League when required. Oliver later becomes romantically involved with Clark's best friend, Lois's cousin Chloe Sullivan , whom he ultimately marries.

    In the series finale, Oliver serves as the best man at Clark and Lois' wedding service, and Chloe is shown to have a son in the future, who is implied to be Oliver's. Smallville Season Eleven , a comic book continuation of the show, reveals he is Oliver's son; Jonathan Queen, named after Clark's adoptive father.

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    The series, Arrow , offers a fresh take on the character, and initially does not feature superpowers, as a way to take a realistic look at the characters in this universe. In addition to being the vigilante archer the series also features flashbacks to Oliver's time on the island and the events that shaped him into the hero in the present. Unlike in the comic books, Queen does not go by the alias "Green Arrow" until the fourth season; in the first season he is called "The Hood" and during the second and third seasons, he re-dubs himself "The Arrow" until Ra's al Ghul's monomania in trying to get him to be his successor forces Roy Harper to take the fall as being the Arrow to save Oliver from the police.

    On January 8, , The CW renewed the show for a sixth season, in which its storyline deals with his careers, marriage, fatherhood, and feud with crime lord Ricardo Diaz. On April 2, , The CW renewed the show for a seventh season, with a new storyline involving Oliver being incarcerated after being outed as Green Arrow. In addition to his old enemies seeking revenge against him now that they know who he is and continued feud with Diaz, Oliver deals with a mysterious archer who has usurped the Green Arrow name and has skills and tactics eerily match his own.

    In January , The CW renewed the show for an eighth season, and later in March, it was announced this would serve as the final season of the series, consisting of ten episodes. A promo depicts a sequence in which Oliver is training an in-costume Barry. The shows and the characters have crossovers with each other midseason, including Felicity Smoak visiting Central City to help Barry deal with the new threat of Leonard Snart 's stolen cold gun, followed shortly after by a two-parter where Oliver fights Barry after a mood-controlling metahuman provokes Barry into attacking his allies in " Flash vs.

    Oliver appears in the penultimate episode " Rogue Air " to help Barry fight the Reverse-Flash with Firestorm, using nanite-enhanced arrows from Ray Palmer to slow Reverse-Flash down and knock him out. In return, he asks for Barry's help in freeing his friends in the season 3 Arrow finale. In two-part crossover that will set the events to Legends of Tomorrow , Oliver and his comrades team up with Barry, Kendra Saunders and Carter Hall to defeat immortal villain, Vandal Savage. However, Robert was somehow unmasked in this reality.

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    In the mass crossover episode " Invasion! Queen appears in the animated web series Vixen , also voiced by Stephen Amell. He first appears in " Pilot, Part 1 " where he enlists Ray to sneak into a H. Later Ray assists Oliver as he engages several H. Oliver has lost his left arm to Grant during a fight, no longer in his physical prime due to age, and was exposed as Green Arrow. In , Oliver is discovered alive by Connor, Sara, and Rip while searching for a component for their ship. After Connor is captured, Oliver reluctantly agrees to aid Sara in rescuing him and returns as Green Arrow, utilizing a cybernetic prosthesis, and defeats Grant with his successor.

    As Sara parts ways back to her mission with her team, Oliver and Connor are last seen repairing their safe house. Rip claims that the timeline is malleable, and thus this dystopian future may never occur once Sara and Ray return to their present with this knowledge. Oliver would later appear in the annual crossover " Invasion ", where he joins all of the Arrowverse heroes to fight against the Dominators. Oliver appears in Supergirl , once again portrayed by Stephen Amell.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fictional character from DC Comics. This article is about the DC Comics character. For other uses, see Green Arrow disambiguation. For the television character, see Oliver Queen Arrowverse. Textless variant cover of Green Arrow 1 August Art by Neal Adams. See also: Quiver comics. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

    Main article: Green Arrow and Black Canary. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. March This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Main article: Green Arrow in other media. Main articles: Smallville and Justice League Smallville. Main article: The Flash TV series. Main article: Vixen web series.

    Main article: Legends of Tomorrow. Main article: Supergirl TV series. It only ran for three issues and may have been viewed as a finite series by the publisher. In Dougall, Alastair ed. The DC Comics Encyclopedia. New York: Dorling Kindersley. Comics Buyer's Guide Dorling Kindersley.

    Artist Neal Adams targeted the Emerald Archer for a radical redesign that ultimately evolved past the surface level He had rendered a modern-day Robin Hood, complete with goatee and mustache, plus threads that were more befitting an ace archer. Back Issue! DC Comics. Barr and artist Trevor Von Eeden. Comic Book Resources. Retrieved October 24, Green Arrow: Quiver. Green Arrow: Year One. Retrieved Retrieved November 13, The Washington Post. Entertainment Weekly.

    Green Arrow: The Archer's Quest - DC Entertainment

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    League of Assassins Longbow Hunters. Arrowcar Trick arrows. Black Canary. Robert Kanigher Carmine Infantino. Justice League. Gardner Fox. Morrow Vandal Savage Amanda Waller.