Los Angeles: A Brief History

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By , more investment dollars were spent on the ports since World War II than any other in the nation, with the exception of New York. Yet, port authorities presented a paradigm that encouraged more expansions. Even previously dredged sections needed to be made deeper. While the port's expansions efforts are prolific, the impact to the community has been less announced.

The litany of "improvements" since the days of Banning have significant and permanent impacts to sea life and harbor residents, who essentially subsidize the ports with their health. If the boost to the economy is genuine, then so are the negative impacts.

For starters, the ports were once home to large scale fishing and packing industry, including Star-Kist Foods, the world's largest fish cannery. Port authorities were pleased with the millions in revenue the company earned, and residents were pleased with union paying jobs that went mostly to women of color. Thousands were employed by a hugely successful industry, until overfishing and port-related industrial pollution and expansion helped stifle aquatic life.

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Unions were also destroyed. Port expansions also lead to a significant loss of community acreage for parks, schools, and important community facilities. Although some of that has been replaced sometimes through lawsuit dollars , both ports equal some 10, acres, and plans continue for their expansion. Last year, POLB docked the world's largest container vessel, which can hold 12, containers and is as tall as the Empire State Building first generation tankers held a mere 1, With fear of the Panama Canal taking away local pay checks, expansion efforts have boiled into a "beat the canal" campaign that wants to expedite environmental reviews in an effort to expand harbor territory further.

For decades, the most talked-about impact of the ports to the community has been health risks, specifically diesel exhaust.

L.A.'s Changing Skyline: A Brief History of Skyscrapers in the City of Angels | KCET

Even though diesel was known to be harmful listed as a toxic air contaminant in , with over 40 chemicals known to cause cancer, somehow environmental records predicted no adverse effects from , truck movements. Other environmental reports had the same sunny outlook and as a whole read: decades of dramatic increases in container and diesel trucks would have no negative cumulative impacts on community health.

In fact, ongoing expansion of the ports became so profuse that multiple agencies had significant concerns. The precursor to the Air Quality Management District became involved in POLB's expansions, and used language to describe their environmental review process as "misleading," "inaccurate," and critiqued one updated environmental report as "hardly an improvement" over a previous draft. Caltrans and the California Air Resources Board were also critical of port expansions.



The ports are also home to a diverse collection of industrial sites. Oil refineries, recycling centers, and industrial warehousing also call the harbor home. POLA was also home to several chemical companies, including one company that registered 53, tons of chemicals and "discharged" 42, tons of chemicals during the fiscal year.

The ports have also been host to significant accidents that pose dangers to workers and community members. The explosion ignited local trucks, cars, and structures, killing about eleven persons. The explosion of the S. Markay enacted a force so powerful that the blast jolted buildings several miles away, damaging several buildings.

Brief History of the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach

An additional explosion of the Tanker Sansinena occurred in , killing nine. The dual ports not only service Southern California, but the entire country. They are important. So are the transportation corridors that service it, including the Long Beach Freeway, the subject of our next story.

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  • It belongs to all of us. He passed away June 13 at the age of Read More. By the s, America was ready for space travel. Get a glimpse of yesteryear's ideas of space travel. Officials at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Civilian Oversight Committee abruptly ended their meeting without discussing anything on the agenda when supporters of President Trump's policies clashed with members of Black Lives Matter and other groups. Residents and experts discuss the issue of underage drinking in Del Norte and adjacent tribal lands.

    This is part of a series examining the Corridor and its impact in the surrounding communities, produced in partnership with the California Endowment. Racial unrest exploded again in the Watts Riots , and was at the center of the Rodney King beating and the Los Angeles Riots that followed. In , O. Simpson was arrested for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, only to be acquitted one year later.

    Other disasters, such as the Long Beach earthquake, the Sylmar earthquake and the Woolsey wildfire, have ravaged the city. As of , the population of the City of Los Angeles was more than 4 million and the entire metropolitan area was home to over 12 million people. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! Subscribe for fascinating stories connecting the past to the present. From the time it was founded as a small settlement in the late 18th century, Los Angeles depended on its own river for water, building a system of reservoirs and open ditches as well as canals to irrigate nearby fields.

    As the city grew, however, it became clear that this supply Philadelphia, a city in Pennsylvania whose name means City of Brotherly Love, was originally settled by Native American tribes, particularly the Lenape hunter gatherers, around B. By the early s, Dutch, English and Swedish merchants had established trading posts in the Boston, the largest city in New England, is located on a hilly peninsula in Massachusetts Bay.

    The region had been inhabited since at least B.

    Gold Rush Brings Hordes of Prospectors

    Captain John Smith in explored the In the frantic weeks that followed the Pearl Harbor attack, many Americans believed that enemy raids on the continental United States were imminent. On December 9, , unsubstantiated reports of approaching aircraft had caused a minor invasion panic in New York City and sent Though the exact number of Tuskegee Originally a Spanish later Mexican mission and pueblo, it was conquered London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom and one of the largest and most important cities in the world.

    The area was originally settled by early hunter gatherers around 6, B. A desert metropolis built on gambling, vice and other forms of entertainment, in just a century of existence Las Vegas has drawn millions of visitors and trillions of dollars in wealth to southern Nevada.